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Crime Reduction

If in any doubt about the provenance of material offered it would be prudent to reject it or to quarantine it without payment and contact your local police force. You can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or on-line by clicking here.

If you have any information about suspected theft of BT cable you can contact their 24-hour Security Operation Centre on 0800 321999, or e-mail  

Cable Identification Guides 

Virgin Media cables and batteries

Virgin Media continues to suffer from theft of cables and batteries and has robust arrangements in place to control disposal of surplus and end of life assets. You can download a copy of their cable and batteries identification poster by clicking here

Virgin Media has also provided the following "FAQs":  

What does Virgin Media currently do with its old/used cable?

  • Virgin Media has a robust disposal process, using just a couple of carefully selected disposal agents who either granulate the cable on site, thus guaranteeing end of life, or alternatively ship the cable out of the country from site.

What does Virgin Media currently do with its old batteries?

  • Virgin Media uses just one collection and disposal agent. The batteries are fed into a hammer mill, thus guaranteeing end of life.

Does all of Virgin Media's cable have its name on the sheath?

  • Since January 2012 all of Virgin Media's infrastructure cable has Virgin Media's name on it. Before then, cable now owned by Virgin Media may bear the brands/trade names of predecessor companies such as NTL & Telewest.

How are Virgin Media's batteries marked?

  • Since January 2014 all batteries have the words 'Property of Virgin Media' etched on the battery case. The text is clearly visible with a minimum height of 5mm. The colour of the text varies so that it contrasts against the different (and varying) colours of the batteries. Batteries in circulation before January 2014 batteries will have a 'Property of Virgin Media' security label attached.

How big are the labels and where are they positioned?

  • The labels measure 150mm x 100mm (approximately 6" x 4"). Due to the size and shape of each battery within the range it is not possible to have all labels positioned in the same location on the battery case.  

Security Marking Systems

* Other marking systems are also in use. 

Metal Theft Scotland - Scottish Business Crime Centre

Click here for information about the Scottish Business Crime Centre's Metal Theft website

LPG Cylinder Return

UKLPG, the trade association for the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) industry in the UK, advises that LPG cylinders remain the property of the gas company and are refilled by exchange. If you have a cylinder that is no longer needed it should be returned to a local dealer of the company owning the cylinder or, to arrange for the cylinder to be collected, please identify the brand on the cylinder and click here to see contact details for all known brands of cylinders. 

Please let Lyn at the BMRA know if you do run into problems with the return or collection of LPG cylinders.

Beer Kegs

Each year the brewing industry loses many millions of pounds through the theft and misappropriation of kegs, casks (beer barrels) and dispense gas cylinders. Keg Watch represents the interests of around 650 brewers, cider makers and the major suppliers of dispense gases to the industry, and is committed to reducing the losses. Click on Keg Watch for more information, or here for a list of scrap yards accredited or destruction of Keg Watch members' containers. 

Keg Watch advises that penalties for those involved in handling stolen kegs are severe. They also pay rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the theft or unauthorised destruction of containers. Keg Watch operates a confidential free phone line called Keg Line for any general queries or to provide information on 0808 100 1945.

Shopping trolleys and dairy milk roll cages 

Retail stores and the dairy industry experience significant losses of shopping trolleys and dairy milk cages each year through the unauthorized removal of their assets. Trolleywise represents all major retailers and the dairy industry and operates a recovery and repatriation service throughout the UK to locate and return these assets to their lawful owners.

Trolleywise works closely with Trolley Team (part of Dairy UK), local authorities and the Canal and Rivers Trust to reduce abandonment and removal of all wheeled equipment, and work towards a cleaner, safer community environment. For further information on supermarket trolleys click on or for further information on dairy trolleys click on or call freephone 0800 316 1241.

You can download a Trolley Team poster by clicking here.

General Recycling Information

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HMRC Tutorials

Click here for tutorials from HM Revenue and Customs to assist small businesses.

Further HMRC educational packages for businesses:

  • Becoming an Employer – an e-learning package designed to help employers.
  • Webinars - we deliver live online presentations on a number of topics and this link contains some further information. See links to webinars likely to be of particular interest to members below. 

The following may be of particular interest to members:

‘Starting your own Business’ e-Learning Tool

HM Revenue & Customs has recently launched a new FREE e-learning tool that advises on the tax and National Insurance issues involved in starting your own business.

The package can be completed in bite-size pieces and covers subjects including:

  • Starting in business
  • Registering your self employment
  • What records should I keep?
  • What can I claim against my income?
  • VAT registration
  • Becoming an employer

Incorporated into the package are learning checks and videos as well as links to further advice on YouTube & website.   To start the tutorial, click here: Starting Your Own Business.

RCF catalytic convertors – changes to classification 


Time Educational Supplement Teaching Resources

TES Teaching Resources, free lesson plans and worksheets are available by clicking on the logo below.

TES Teaching Resources, free lesson plans and worksheets

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