The Associations that formed the BMRA

In 2018, the BMRA hosted past Presidents at its headquarters in Huntingdon. Susie Burrage, the BMRA’s current President, unveiled the new Presidents’ plaques. These list all the Presidents of the different ferrous and non-ferrous associations and federations since 1920 that came together in 2001 to form the BMRA. The plaques also include BMRA Directors General and CEOs up to present day.

You can see who is listed on these plaques by clicking the button below link:

We would like to get in touch with BMRA's Past Presidents to present them with a badge to honour their tenure. They can be a Past President of the following Associations that formed the BMRA:

  • British Scrap Federation 
  • British Metals Federation 
  • National Association of Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal Merchants
  • British Secondary Metals Association 
  • British Metals Recycling Association

If you know a Past President, please email [email protected].