14/15 November. DY4 9EZ

Date: Overnight 14/15 November

Address: Richards & Jerrom Ltd, Bradleys Lane, Tipton DY4 9EZ

Items stolen: Aluminium Bronze Selector Forks, copper wire and a large number of power tools

Details: Thieves broke into the site's main processing and metal storage yard by climbing over a very high fence. They stole some power tools from one of the cabins. They also broke into a storage warehouse and took a number of crates of Aluminium Bronze Selectors and then used the company's forklift truck to load bags of copper wire into a transit van. They returned an hour later with a people carrier and loaded more metal. 

Please note: the aluminium bronze selector forks (pictured) are unique to Richards & Jerrom Ltd being burnt having passed through their furnace..

Crime Reference No:  20/1883068/21

Contact details: Please call the police force on 101.