S60 1BN. 17/11/2019

Date: 17/11/2019 between 19.15 and 20.30pm

Address: Liberty Speciality Steels, Narrow Strip, Sheffield Road, Rotherham S60 1BN

Items stolen: 1.2t Ni300 Auerhammer scrap (99% nickel) and 1.2t of 718 Carpenter scrap (52% nickel)

Details: A group of seven men used the site's forklift trucks to shift the scrap across the site to a location where it was easier to remove off the site. The group was disturbed at 9.00pm by the night shift who turned on the lighting in the bay where the group were stealing more metals. CCTV footage shows that the group had been on site earlier.

Crime Reference No: 17/175333/19

Contact details:Please call the police force on 101 or contact Andrew Marriott on 07825298066