On the evening of Friday 17 June, around one tonne of expensive alloys was stolen from Fort Vale Engineering near Burnley, Lancashire.

Details of the stolen items are as follows:-

  • CW12MW / Hastelloy Ingots – 394 kg
  • Alloy 20 Ingots – 400kg
  • 316 Additives:
    • 50 full sets (Spec – 0.6kg Ferro Molybdenum / 8.5kg Low Carbon Ferro Chrome / 0.075kg Ferro Sulphide, per set)
    • 50 bags Ferro Molybdenum
    • 50 bags Ferro Sulphide
  • Bin of Copper additives – 6kg
  • Bin of Nickel additives -14kg

The Ingots are stamped with a casting number as shown in the photo below.

Anyone with information is asked to email [email protected] quoting incident reference LC-20220622-0586.