The British Metals Recycling Association is the trade association representing the £5 billion UK Metal Recycling sector. 

  • Why recycle?

    Using scrap metal, or secondary raw materials, means we can conserve more of our precious natural resources.

  • News

    Keep up-to-date with latest news, regulations and account wins affecting our members and the wider recycling industry.

  • About BMRA

    The BMRA represents some 300 scrap metal dealers across the UK, in an industry that processes 11mt of metal every year.

  • Why Join?

    Being a member of the BMRA affords you many benefits from regulatory updates to free business advice.

  • Find a Service Member

    BRMA members comprise plant, equipment and consultancy companies, all there to support advise metal recycling companies.

  • Report crime

    Use our online system to create a stolen metal alert for our members or to report yards breaking the law and paying cash.