The Young British Metals Recyclers (YBMR) initiative is suited to any job role, be it in the yard, the office, or the lab.

YBMR gives members a helpful resource by providing learning and development along with bespoke training that can enhance their own reputation within the company that they work, develop their customer relationships and improve their career progression. It also provides a valuable opportunity to meet and speak with fellow YBMR members. 


  • Encourages participation in BMRA and YBMR activities by industry colleagues under the age of 40.
  • Identifies purposeful and educational activities that may assist members of the YBMR in their own careers.
  • Promotes networking opportunities between members of the YBMR and the wider metals industry, within the clear bounds of competition compliance

YBMR members have enjoyed a number of visits to different organisations within the metallurgy sector giving insight into the wider industry. One very well received visit was a tour of the London Metal Exchange and the trading floor where the prices for metals are set. Other visits have included a tour of fellow member ELG Haniel’s facilities in Sheffield, and William Cook Cast Products, both giving insight to the different ways of working with metal and the technology used. Social opportunities, such as a day at the races, also benefits members who can network, share knowledge and build relationships with each other.

Hear from the two YBMR co-chairs, Hayley Mellor of Mellor Metals and James Booth of CF Booth. 


If you are interested in learning more about YBMR contact BMRA at 01480 455249 or email [email protected]

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As members of the BMRA, it is important that we invest in the future of the industry as a whole and not operate just as individual businesses.The industry is made up of yards of varying sizes, many of which are family businesses, that don’t have the wider business support of larger organisations. Initiatives like YBMR helps employees to meet and get to know peers who may also be relatively new to the industry and provide opportunities to see beyond the gates of the yard"

Mark Vaughan, EMR


YBMR is for employees under 40 of member BMRA companies.