The BMRA commitees have a number of functions. They are there to help members navigate, meet and abide by the many legal and health & safety requirements and policy issues that govern the metals recycling industry. They also manage our membership communications and processes, as well organise membership events and ensure that the BMRA is present and heard by the wider industry and community. 
Legal and Policy Group

Mark Vaughan - ELG Haniel (Chair)
Quin Evans - Crossley Evans
Dan Andrews - ELG Haniel
Chris Tinsley - EMR
Rob Chaddock - EMR
Jason Ripley - H Ripley & Sons
Ray Grant - John Lawrie
Peter Burrluck - Light Bros
Shane Mellor - Mellor Metals
James Varley - Morecambe Metals
Jack Gomarsall - Network 2 Supplies
Sandra Robertson - R M Recycling
Kevin Harrington - Sackers 
Jon Tomkins - S Norton
Claire Haste - Sims Metal Management
Victoria Jones - Sims Metal Management
Donald Ward - Ward 
Howard Bluck - BMRA

LPG Sub groups:

Brian Harkins - Binn Group
Janice Ferguson - Christie & Sons
Ray Grant - John Lawrie
Jake Adam - J R Adams & Sons
Sandra Robertson - R M Recycling
Peter Dalton - Stephen Dalton Scrap Metal Merchants
Ivor Williamson - Williamson Group
Alan Waugh - William Waugh
Howard Bluck - BMRA

Paul Tobin - AMG Resources
Ian Lewis - Bayliss Recovery
Ian Kerr - Celtic Recycling
Georgina Sidney - Sims Metal Management
Howard Bluck - BMRA

Health & Safety Committee

Roger Morton - S Norton (Chair)
Matthew Evans - Crossley Evans
Dan Andrews - ELG Haniel
Nick White - EMR
Shane Mellor - Mellor Metals
Paul Finnerty - Recycling Lives
Claire Haste - Sims Metal Management
Stuart Thompson - Sims Metal Management
David Leppert - S Norton
Gill Speet - S Norton
Malcolm Richards - Ward
Howard Bluck - BMRA

Membership and Communications Committee

Susie Burrage - Recycled Products (Chair)
James Nicholls - C F Booth
Terry Keyworth - Danieli
Gareth Williams - EMR
Tony Verrell - Envirowales
Nigel O'Gorman - F J Church
Hayley Mellor - Mellor Metals
Shane Mellor - Mellor Metals
Donna Rogers - Rogers Metal Management LLP
Adrian Dodds - Sackers
Nigel Slinn - Sackers
Shawn Akers - SWM Recycling
Sue Howell - Wye Valley Metals
Tom Howell - Wye Valley Metals
Antonia Grey - BMRA
Kate Magill - BMRA
Lyn Sheriden - BMRA