Why join?

BMRA Membership is open to metals recycling companies of good standing that have been in business for at least two years. There are also associate membership categories for international and service members.

The BMRA is dedicated to meeting the needs of its members, keeping them informed about upcoming issues and regulations while helping them overcome specific problems and challenges.

Where we do not feel we have the specialist knowledge needed, or where we can offer additional benefits, we have developed partnerships with recognised experts in the field. Thanks to carefully sought out partnerships, BMRA members can benefit from preferential rates when it comes to the following areas:

Employment and Business Telephone Helpline: Members can access the Croner Business Support telephone helpline for free advice on issues such as tax, VAT, PAYE, payroll, employment and personnel matters. 

Permitting and Planning Support Service: To receive the level of support required with planning and/or permitting applications, members can contact 360 Environmental Ltd for free initial telephone advice and, if appropriate, further support.

Insurance: The BMRA has long-standing arrangements with two insurance brokers – Peter Hoare and Co and Ingram Hawkins and Nock – who offer bespoke insurance services to members that reflect the needs of the industry. Members can see significant savings.

Vehicles: BMRA members can benefit from reduced rates when they buy Toyota vehicles saving as much as 35% on a Proace Van.

Healthcare: BMRA members can access the health and wellness advice of Punter Southall Health & Protection (PSHP), an independent health and wellness specialist.

IOM3: BMRA is now an Affiliate Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3), an international engineering institution that promotes and develops all aspects of materials science, including engineering and metallurgy. Through this membership, BMRA members profit from all the benefits that being part of a large professional engineering institution brings. 

Advertising: The BMRA has an arrangement with Yellow Pages that allows members to show their business credibility (and BMRA membership) by placing their Yellow Pages listing within a BMRA-headed box. Plus, through its partnership with the Environment Media Group, the publisher of, members are eligible for discounted site advertising rates. 

Heard enough? Why not download an application pack, fill it in and join today?

Metal Recycler Application Pack (Ordinary) July 18.pdf


Service Member Application Pack July 18.pdf
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