Why join?

BMRA Membership is open to metals recycling companies of good standing that have been in business for at least two years. There are also associate membership categories for international and service members.

The BMRA is dedicated to meeting the needs of its members, keeping them informed about upcoming issues and regulations while helping them overcome specific problems and challenges.

Where we do not feel we have the specialist knowledge needed, or where we can offer additional benefits, we have developed partnerships with recognised experts in the field. Thanks to carefully sought out partnerships, BMRA members can benefit from preferential rates when it comes to the following areas:

Free in-house advice: Advice on technical, regulatory and environmental issues, the Scrap Metals Dealers Act 2013, Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2015, up-to-date information on Brexit, Fire Preventions Plans, Resources & Waste Strategy, and much more.

Employment and Business Telephone Helpline: Members can access the Croner Business Support telephone helpline for free advice on issues such as tax, VAT, PAYE, payroll, employment and personnel matters. 

Insurance: The BMRA has long-standing arrangements with two insurance brokers – Peter Hoare & Co, Ingram, Hawkins and Nock, and Direct Insurance Group – who offer bespoke insurance services to members that reflect the needs of the industry. 
Save 20-30% on insurance*  available through Peter Hoare Insurance Brokers Limited. It has exclusive rates/premiums only available to BMRA members. *On average members pay 20%-30% less than if approaching the same insurers without BMRA membership. The bespoke recycling policy wording also incorporates a number of additional covers/extras often not provided by other insurers. 

New Health & Safety manual: In 2019, the brand-new Health & Safety manual will be released exclusively for members and four free posters delivered throughout the year. 

Legal advice and representation: Mariel Irvine Solicitors has agreed to provide legal advice and representation to BMRA members at a reduced rate. The firm, which as a long-standing relationship with the BMRA, offers expertise in a range of areas, including:

  • Environmental, licensing, regulatory and enforcement issues
  • Liability and insurance issues
  • Employment law
  • Dispute resolution
  • VAT

Healthcare: BMRA members can access the health and wellness advice of Punter Southall Health & Protection (PSHP), an independent health and wellness specialist.

Save up to 40% on Sage products: BMRA members can now access discounted rates on all subscription-based Sage 50 products. 

Get involved: The BMRA has a number of committees that ordinary members are able to sit on as vacancies become available. 

IOM3: BMRA is now an Affiliate Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3), an international engineering institution that promotes and develops all aspects of materials science, including engineering and metallurgy. Through this membership, BMRA members profit from all the benefits that being part of a large professional engineering institution brings. 

Training: Be it Fundamentals of Metallurgy, GDPR or Continuing Competence, BMRA holds various training for members, be it at BMRA HQ, off-site or through service members. In 2019 it hopes to hold electric car dismantling training.

Exclusive membership events: Each year the BMRA hold exclusive member events. These include the AGM and Golf day, typically held in June, and the Annual Dinner, proceeded by a free networking event in November. There are other events across the year including tours, for example to the London Metal Exchange, 

Dedicated page on the BMRA website: Your own page in, accessible from the Recyclers' Directory and allowing you to provide up-to-date information about your company and the metals you take. You are welcome to use this as a website listed in directories such as

Exclusive members only area of the website: An area only for members giving you to access important documentation including:

  • The revised WT BREF BAT conclusions
  • Fire study reports with some practical recommendations that members can use to help them focus on important aspects to consider when drafting their Fire Prevention Plans or reviewing existing fire management procedures
  • GDPR documentation

Promote yourself to fellow members: Members can use BMRA communication channels to share their news with fellow members. Current channels include:

  • The website, which has a dedicated news area.
  • Scrapbook, our printed magazine distributed six times a year to each member site. 
  • FRAGments (monthly email newsletter sent to members.
  • Social media - Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • The BMRA Calendar. Member companies are encouraged to enter pictures into the calendar competition, promoting you to fellow members if you win.
  • '100 Years in Scrap' book. Being published in 2019, the book commemorates the associations that became the BMRA and the scrap metal industry. Companies is membership as of teh end of February 2019 will be listed in the members directory free of charge.

Access to Service Members: Many of whom proivide specilaist services for the scrap metal and metals recycling industry. 

Help the future of Metals Recycling: This year the first sector specific apprenticeship was launched, the Metal Recycling General Operative. It is a level 2 apprenticeship open to employees of any age and is a 12-18-month assessment covering a number of industry areas that reflect the complexities faced by those working in metals recycling.
Those in your company who are under 35 can join the Young British Metals Recyclers (YBMR). It gives members a helpful resource by providing learning and development along with bespoke training that can enhance their own reputation within the company that they work, develop their customer relationships and improve their career progression.

Support women in your workplace: BMRA has partner with Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) with the aim of increasing the participation, contribution and success of women in the industry. Through the partnership, BMRA members will get free access to online information, webinars and resources as well as a 10% discount on any of the WISE training courses. Areas covered by the partnership include: how to help women back into the workplace and how to retain and develop women within your company. Into 2019, There will be more activities as part of a Women in Scrap initiative.

Heard enough? Why not download an application pack, fill it in and join today?

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