The BMRA staff are led by, and accountable to, the BMRA Board which comprises representatives from different sized companies. The BMRA is also a company limited by guarantee. Its Board members therefore have the dual functions of: corporate governance and representing industry views in formulating BMRA policy.

Board members are elected by the members and serve a three-year term. The current members are:

Susie Burrage OBE, Recycled Products Ltd

Large companies (tonnage over 1million tonnes or turnover over £100m):

  • Harry Seale, Atlas Commodities
  • Simon Gunn, European Metal Recycling Ltd
  • Paul Wright, Sims Metal Management Ltd
  • John Norton, S. Norton & Co.
  • Donald Ward, Ward Recycling 

Medium sized companies (tonnage 40,000-1m tonnes; turnover £10-100m):

  • Paul McDonald, ASM Metal Recycling Ltd
  • James Nicholls, C F Booth
  • Andy Dodd, ELG
  • Nigel O'Gorman, F J Church
  • Sandra Robertson, Robertson Metals Recycling Ltd

Small companies (tonnage under 40,000 tonnes and turnover under £10m):

  • Graham Davy, Intelligent Lifecycle Solutions
  • Steven Robertson, John Brocklesby Metal Management
  • Shane Mellor, Mellor Metals Ltd (Vice President)
  • Alan Waugh, William Waugh (Edinburgh) Ltd

The Board's activities are supported by committees consisting of appropriate employees from member companies. The following are currently operating:

  • Carbon Action Committee
  • Education and Training Committee
  • Fires Committee
  • Health & Safety Committee
  • Membership and Communications Committee
  • Legislative Policy Group
  • Legislative Policy Group (Scotland)
  • Legislative Policy Group (Wales)
  • VAT Commitee

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