Green Car Depollution

The lithium battery and EV car fire blanket is manufactured from specialised quartz material with a silicon polymer coating. This combination of high tec fabric engineering provides continuous high temperature resistance.

The most common form of fire in electric or hybrid vehicles is when the high energy battery is damaged, or a manufacturing fault causes the battery to go into “Thermal Runaway”. This is when a cell short circuits and the heat generated starts a fire, this in turn creates a “domino effect” and the fire spreads from cell to cell.

Thermal Runaway fires cannot be extinguished by conventional means. In a lithium-ion battery the electrolyte usually contains hydrocarbon solvents which fuels the fire. If unchecked extremely high temperatures can be produced.

By deploying a lithium battery and EV car fire blanket the combustion potential can be minimised by depriving the fire of oxygen. And because the fire is controlled, temperatures drop rapidly which prevents damage to surrounding vehicles and property.

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