This newly refurbished scrap metal processor tears metal waste into standardise material, allowing consistent input into a main mill, for efficiency and steady throughput simultaneously reducing wear.

The Pre-Shredder can process complete car bodies, car engines and scrap up to 4mm thickness.

It stands at 5.1 metres high, 6.4 metres width, 7.4 metres in length and the working width is 2.2 metres.

This 60 tonne machine has 3 shafts; the rip shaft, friction shaft, the ripping shaft which allows it to work at different speeds per shaft to tear the material efficiently.

It has 9 stars in total; the rip shaft (feed shaft) has 2 stars, the cutting (friction) shaft has 4 stars on the slow speed shaft and 3 stars on the high-speed ripping (cutting) shaft.

Powered by one 250kw electric motor, operating 2 hydraulic piston pumps at 350 bar which are working 2 new Bosch Rexroth motors.

This Pre-Shredder has the ability to shred up to 35 car bodies in an hour, and baled cars, with the benefit of a full auto lube system.

For more information or to view the plant in working order please contact Marty Pinner, Alex Hall or Lee Matthews to arrange a viewing - 01473 830373.