BHS will perform production-scale tests on all machines and processes

The test centre site covers over 3,000 square meters.

BMRA service member BHS-Sonthofen has opened a new state-of-the-art test centre in Sonthofen, Germany. The test centre, a €3.8 million investment, will perform tests on customer material across all of BHS’ operating divisions (mixing, crushing, recycling and separation technology for the separation of various materials). 

There is a separate area for filtration that features a complete system with state-of-the-art process technology and end-to-end control. In the future, BHS will be able to test customers’ design ideas independently and accurately examine the filtration behaviour.

The new test center enables BHS to simulate various processes on a much larger scale than previously possible

BHS worked closely with the district authorities to ensure the modernised centre exceeded many of the requirements needed including; health and safety, a highly modern dedusting system*, and sewage system. All wastewater produced is treated in-house, and certain materials are discharged separately.

BHS has significantly expanded the equipment its uses and the test center site covers an area more than three times bigger than the previous test centre.  The new hall is completely closed off on all sides, allowing tests to be carried out regardless of the prevalent weather conditions. The test center will be in full operation at the end of September.

All divisions of BHS perform mixing, crushing, recycling, and filtration tests with the customers’ material at the centre.

“BHS-Sonthofen considers itself first and foremost a specialist that develops optimal process engineering solutions in collaboration with its customers,” notes Dennis Kemmann, Managing Director at BHS-Sonthofen. “This is where we set new industry standards with the test centre. The center allows us to map various processes and chain individual machines into systems on a much larger scale than before, as well as enabling us to set up more units overall.”

*exceeds Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) requirements 

Dennis Kemmann, Managing Director of BHS-Sonthofen, at the grand opening of the new test centre.