Good Governance Award

BMRA is delighted it has been shortlisted for a Trade Association Forum Award.

The award for Good Governance, is given to a trade association whose board has, in the judges’ opinion, demonstrated a clear commitment to the core principles of good governance (diligence & control, transparencyresponsivenessconsensus orientedequality & inclusivityeffectiveness & efficiencyaccountabilityintegrity, and participatory) by creating a culture of board excellence, which in turn has resulted in a positive impact on the association’s strategic or operational development, members’ experience and/or the sector which the association represents.

The awards will be presented on at the 23 February 2023 at the Merchant Taylors Hall, London.

The Trade Association Forum, of which BMRA is a member, is the leading representative body for associations in the UK, helping our members to engage, improve and lead their sectors.