Assist the BMRA with lobbying efforts

Members can assist BMRA with a number of lobbying efforts as the Government makes changes to licencing and seeks to aid businesses with lowering carbon emissions.

T9 removal, permitting and FPPs

To better assist members to make the transition from a T9 exemption to a Small Metal Recycling Facility Permit, and to get a broader picture of the activities in place across the sector, the BMRA is asking all members to complete a short survey.

Comprising just 10 questions, the survey will also inform the Environment Agency’s (EA) understanding of the potential issues that may arise during the transition period and the associated Fire Prevention Plans it will be looking to be adopted.

We strongly urge all members to complete the survey to enable us to use clear, supportive data in our discussions with the EA. If you operate more than one site, please complete the survey for each site putting the name of the site against the organisation name. The survey will remain open until 5 May. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

To complete the survey, visit: To read more about changes to exemptions visit:

You can read a related blog by Antonia Grey, Head of Policy and Public Affairs, BMRA.

Government is to extend its Industrial Energy Transformation Fund

BMRA is seeking information from members to inform its response to a consultation on the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF) to ensure it covers connection to the Grid.

The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) has confirmed that it will be running another phase of its IETF. Phase 3 will be worth £185 million in grant funding to UK businesses for energy efficiency and deep decarbonisation studies and deployment projects.

DESNZ will hold a full consultation with UK industry later this year to finalise the design of Phase 3 of the fund before launching the first IETF Phase 3 competition window early next year.

To ensure that the Department has the information needed to inform its decision, BMRA is asking members to get in touch to answer the following questions:

  1. Are you connected to the Electricity Grid
  2. If yes, can you draw enough power or are you restricted to low-energy activities such as office and site lighting?
  3. If restricted, what base level of power supply would you require to electrify your operations?
  4. If you’re not connected, how far away from the Grid is your site?
  5. In either b or d, have you been quoted to connect or increase your supply? If yes, how much?

Please send your responses to [email protected] by 1 May 2023.

(Alternatively, complete the survey online).