Former President, JW Thompson

Thanks to Stephen Bissett of Cornbrook Metals/ IJ Kayes who sent in this image of an identity card issued by the Ministry of Supply dated August 1945. 

This is his grandfather’s, JW Thompson, who was involved in the scrap drive just before the end of the War II.

He was ‘Inspector of Wrecks’, which was nothing to do with ships, but worked, Stephen presumes, unpaid for the Ministry of Supply.

Stephen thinks he was involved before that time, and this may have been a renewed ID. It is uncertain if he was involved in Manchester or a
wider area, as there may have been other inspectors covering other areas.

JW Thompson was President of the National Federation of Scrap Iron Steel and Metal Merchants, in 1939-1940, which became the
British Scrap Federation and later the British Metals Federation. Here is a picture of his medal. 

The latter then joined forces with the British Secondary Metals Association to become the BMRA.