Members are able to advertise vacancies at their companies

Would you like to sponsor the job vacancy page on the BMRA website?

You could benefit from:

  • A launch email, website story and social media acknowledging your sponsorship.
  • Monthly email to members to remind them of the service and acknowledging your sponsorship.
  • Weekly mention on social media when promoting the job vacancy service.
  • Mention of your sponsorship each time a new vacancy is advertised both via email and social media.
  • A slot in Scrapbook every two months reminding people of the service with your logo and sponsorship acknowledgement. 
  • Logo on the jobs vacancy page and each job vacancy listing. 

If this is of interest, email [email protected] for more information. 

If you are interested in advertising a vacancy at your company, you can get two free adverts, then, until the page is sponsored when adverts will be free of charge, subsequent adverts will be charged at £25 + VAT. 

Download the booking form and email [email protected].