Welcome Cameron Leitch to the BMRA

Name: Cameron Leitch

Job title: Policy and Public Affairs Executive


What does your job involve?

My role at the BMRA is rather varied. It can include a range of tasks from monitoring policy developments and parliamentary debates to influencing policy debates and building relationships with multiple stakeholders. Yet ultimately, at its heart, this role involves protecting the membership and championing the metal recycling industry.

What is your background?

Prior to this role I worked in a public affairs agency specialising in the health industry, where I worked on communication campaigns on issues such as hernias and obesity.

In my academic pursuits I strived to specialise in policy and after 4 years of study, I now hold a Master of Arts in Public Policy and Public Management and a Bachelor of Arts in History, Politics and International Relations.

What three things are you most looking forward to at the BMRA?

Firstly, I am looking forward to becoming an expert on the technical and legislative regulations that affect the metal recycling industry so I help guide members through those changes. Next, I am looking forward to being able meet the membership that span the breadth and depth of the United Kingdom. Last but by no means least, I am looking forward to championing the metal recycling industry for many years to come.

What is your favourite fact about recycling metal?

My favourite fact about recycling metal is that it supports a circular economy that will help protect future generations.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Quick fire round:

  • Out on the town or a night in front of the TV? – Out on the town
  • Coffee or tea? – Neither! Just water for me
  • Winter or Summer? Winter
  • Marmite – Love/Hate? Never tried it. 
  • Invisibility or Flying? Flying