If you have been targeted by metal thieves, please let us know!

The BMRA is working closely with British Transport Police, Operation Opal and Smartwater to map metal thefts across the country in order to build up a picture of organised crime activity. As part of this mapping work, they are very keen to receive information about thefts from scrap metal yards.

With this in mind, if you have been targeted, we would ask you to contact Antonia on 01480 455249 or email [email protected] to share details of what was stolen, the date, mode of entry, details of anything left behind by the thieves, and a crime reference number. If you have any images from CCTV, that would be welcome too. We would also appreciate reports any historic thefts that have occurred this year.

If you have reported the theft and your site was not attended by the police, please also let Antonia know as she has been asked to pass on information about police forces who are not making the link between thefts from scrap yards and organised crime.

Please be assured that your information will be dealt with in the strictest confidence and will only be share with the groups mentioned above.