Delivers powerful digital tools for recycling organisations

BMRA service member, AMCS, a leading technology provider for the waste, recycling and environmental health and safety industries, has announced the global launch of the AMCS Platform 2023 Winter release.

“This release demonstrates our continued commitment to empowering our customers to increase productivity and efficiency, while also improving environmental outcomes,” explained Elaine Treacy, Global Product Director at AMCS. “Our customer-led advancements leverage powerful emerging technologies, such as AI and IoT. Our goal is to streamline and automate processes to ensure our customers reach the highest levels of sustainability and business performance.”

The Winter 2023 release offers important new benefits and features, divided across four areas: 

  • Transport Operations – New Master Route Management and Transport Validation features provide enhanced automation, control, and insights. Our new Smart Inspection solution digitizes inspections and triggers repair work orders automatically. The new IoT telematics connector enables data-driven preventive maintenance. An embedded CO2 calculator facilitates carbon emission measurement and reduction. And enhanced Vision AI automatically detects safety incidents. 
  • Finance Operations – Expanded price hierarchy simplifies and automates pricing. Improved electronic delivery of financial documentation enables faster payments. Supplier price management reduces administration costs. And new digital payment options include EFT for Canada.
  • Material Management Efficiency – Reduced scale ticket entry time improves service and helps ensure repeat business from material suppliers . Scales now act as a Point of Sale, with new payment options, including an integrated AMCS Pay PoS terminal. New automated workflows improve safety and compliance when managing sensitive and quarantined materials.
  • Enhancing Data Analytics - The AMCS OData Connector provides secure access to all AMCS Platform data. The solution enhances enterprise self-serve business analytics and data warehousing strategies.

Andrew Pellegrini, Vice-President/General Manager of AMCS customer PSSI stated, “AMCS Vision AI will improve the quality of recyclables collected, allowing us to work with our end clients to educate and advise them on improving the material they are presenting and avoiding contaminants.’’