The WEEE Fund advisory panel has agreed a support package for Approved Authorised Treatment Facilities (AATFs).

An application form will be available shortly.

  • £0.6 million of grants to be made available to AATFs that are registered charities (£450K), and other charity sector reuse operators (£150K) - WEEE Fund and Reuse Network to work together to determine best approach for distributing these funds.
  • £5 million of unsecured interest free loans to be made available to AATFs (only available to those issuing evidence in respect of treatment they have carried out of categories 2 to 14).
  • 50% to be made available asap (paid in April/May 2020) with remaining 50% available three months after the initial payment.
  • Timing period of loan application – open ASAP until end May 2020.
  • Repayment in 24 equal monthly instalments from July 2021. Early repayment is possible without penalty.
  • 2019 AATF returns to be the source information from which the available loan is calculated - £x per tonne of 2019 evidence issued on WEEE treated by that AATF, validated from the annual AATF return, and verified by the relevant environment agency.
  • Simple application process broadly based on Business Interruption Loan (CBILS) application, including company credit checks, to help form a view on overall support package risk. 
  • Loan terms and conditions to be drafted by WEEE Fund - this will include the right for WEEE Fund to call in the loan where serious issues arise, such as loss of AATF status.