WISH has updated INFO13 and, for the first time, published a new COVID-19 reference checklist.

Chris Jones, Chair of the Waste Industry Safety and Health (WISH) Forum commented: "Since the end of March the INFO13 working group has convened weekly (and in the early stages daily!), reviewed developments and on a rolling basis updated the information sheet. With the inclusion of the Reference document, in a convenient to adapt WORD format, the INFO sheet has now developed through the emerging responses phase to providing information on how to monitor and maintain risk management systems in the waste sector to address COVID-19 risks on an ongoing basis.

Download version six (4 June) of INFO 13 here. (Note: this has be superceded by version 9, which can be download here.)

Download REF07 Covid 19 Checklist here.

"INFO13 will be kept under review, and will be further revised as new information emerges that requires it to be updated. Such revisions, however, are unlikely to be as frequent as has been the case over the last two months."