0100hrs on Tuesday 9th July.

Truck and Trailer stolen approx. 0100hrs on Tuesday 9th July.
The trailer was fully loaded with 24.460t of 40% Copper Cable and  was  stolen from  Summerfield Transports’ yard in Birmingham (James Scott Road. B63 2QT). 
As we understand it, two offenders, spent two hours in Somerfield’s yard reprogramming a key for the vehicle.  Once the vehicle was started, they cut off the locks to the main gate of the compound with a grinder, before driving off with the fully loaded trailer.  The tractor unit was found some miles away and CCTV footage shows the thieves hooking the trailer up to a White tractor unit with no markings.  The trailer and the load have yet to be recovered.
Trailer Number is ST01
Chassis Number is C457184
The below photos are of a similar Summerfield trailer.  Different trailer number but they look exactly the same.
Crime reference number is: 20DY-163034M-19.