Date and Time of Theft: 1st of June at around 2am

Items stolen: A bulk tipper trailer with a cargo of Cast Aluminium onboard
Address items stolen from: Infinity Metals Yard in Leeds
Details: The trailer and it's content was supposed to be delivered on the 31st of May, but due to a break down it did not reach its customer. Later that day the truck and trailer were recovered to the Infinity Metals Yard in Leeds. At approx. 2am on June 1st a white van entered the yard, hooked up to the trailer and exited the site.
The suspicion is that this was a job that had been watched since the vehicle breakdown earlier in the day.
A reward is offered for information and the return of the tipper trailer.

Details of the Trailer: The trailer is an SDC tipper trailer with a red chassis and a black body. Trailer number C267979, model number SDCTP35D3A0B79358. The trailer also has some of the driver side side ribs on the body welded over with channel near the rear of the trailer just before the side ladder which are distinguishable. The rear doors also have a welding repair on the hook and latch near the top which is also noticeable. The trailer also has a front to back easy all in one easy sheet.

Police crime number is: Crime number 13220296029

If you have any information about this crime please contact Anthony Brewster on Tel: 0113 257 1228 or by email: [email protected]