4-10 October 2021.

Metal Theft Alert: Non-member yard

Date: Multiple nights - 4 October,  6 October plus further attempts on 9/10 October
Location: Archimedes Metals Ltd, Portsmouth
Items stolen: Baled copper tanks, bright wire, and copper tubing/Cupronickel

Details: On the 4 October, Archimedes Metals was broken into by thieves going through its back wall, which backs onto a forest, and stole approx. 2.5t baled copper tanks and bright wire and copper tubing. Despite further securing the site, the thieves came back on the 6 October and made another hole and removed 500kg cupronickel and copper tubing. The thieves tried again on 9/10 October but were deterred by the owners and the police. 

Crime Reference No: 44210407465
Contact details: Please call the police force on 101 if you have any information.