Date: Both May Bank Holiday Weekends 
Address: Advanced Alloy Services Limited, Nobel Way, Dinnington, Sheffield, S25 3QH
Items stolen: Nickel alloy turnings

Details: The company concerned was having work undertaken on its turnings line and was holding chipped turnings in storage containers in the yard. The thieves accessed the site and removed around 25 tonnes of turnings worth £300,000 in small poly rubble bags. The thieves are now contacting metal recycling companies with pictures of Niton gun readings for the different specifications. (see sample below). Grades being offered include: Alloy 907, Alloy 725, Alloy 901, Rene 77, Inco 718 and Waspsloy.

Crime Reference No: 14/87409/23 
Contact details: Please call the police force on 101 if you have been approached or offered these materials.